Its now time to audition for IN ABSENCE! Simply start by downloading the character descriptions + script sides from the link below:


After you’ve downloaded them, choose a character of your liking, memorize or read the lines straight from the script and video tape yourself performing the dialogue. Once you’ve filmed your audition, upload it to Youtube or Vimeo, and send us the link to: with the subject being your character name + Audition.

So for example, Subject: Lucas West Audition

In the body of your email please also include your NAME, AGE, EMAIL, PHONE NUMBER, and let us know if you’re a member of SAG or not.

Feel free to add any demo reels, headshots, or resumes with your email as well. We will be accepting auditions until JUNE 11. Good luck!


Want to be a part of the ensemble cast for IN ABSENCE? From May 28 - June 11 we will be accepting Video Auditions submitted to us via email. Simply film your audition, put it on Youtube, and email us the link. Its as simple as that!

All available character sides and casting email will be posted on May 28 on this site. This film will be SAG Ultra-Low, anyone can audition. Please note, we cannot provide accommodations or transportation if those selected for the cast reside far away from our filming locations.

The majority of the film will be shot in Cleveland, Ohio and a small portion of it in New York City, New York (NY expenses will be paid for) - check back for more info!

Filming is scheduled for July 30 to August 21.

The journey begins. Join us!



The third feature film from director Conrad Faraj. “IN ABSENCE” follows the story of Lucas West, a lonely 20-something living a routined life in upstate New York. In an unexpected moment Lucas saves a drowning girl named Emmy Cohen and the two form an unusual relationship - until one day fate strikes against them, and a terrible crime forces the couple to run away into the woods to start a new life as outlaws. As the story progresses things begin to appear a little strange. Lucas must determine whether the life he is living is merely an illusion, or if its a structured memory slowly falling apart with every move he makes. To be shot on location in CLEVELAND, OHIO & NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK on the RED EPIC camera with ZEISS PRIME lenses. 


The producers of “THE WIND IS WATCHING" and "YOUNG HARVEST" bring you "IN ABSENCE" the fourth feature film produced by Conrad Studios slated for 2013. Conrad Faraj, a young independent filmmaker from Cleveland, will helm the directorial responsibilities, with Chris Langer, Graham Haas, and Greg Kraus, a highly recognized and skilled team of cinematographers on board to create an aesthetically pleasing and visually stunning look to the film. Other notable members of the team include composer/conductor Todd Maki, Matthew Ward (director of Young Harvest), and Cleveland-personality Steven "Sugar" Farris.


Our goal for “IN ABSENCE” is to enter the In Competition selection at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. From Day 1 that has been our mission, and we hope to create a dramatic piece that is worthy of such a notable achievement. “IN ABSENCE” will present a variety of themes that deal with the cause and effect of human interactions. It will focus on each character’s interpretation of a normal life and how they differ in feelings and ideas - yet they are all connected as one, by a power beyond our reason.